Our difference

You know that we specialise, but that’s just the beginning. Our difference comes through in every aspect of the way we operate.

A slice of the City

Many of us trained and worked in the City – we’ve been described as “a slice of the City in the country”. But we all approach our work with the knowledge, skill and attention to detail associated with the best and biggest law firms. Our office, situated in the heart of the Thames Valley, is well placed for connections to London, Oxford and Reading, within easy reach of both the M4 and the M40 and high speed rail links.

Top-down collaboration

Our partners lead from the front. They are fully aware of all our clients’ business with us, even if they’re not handling every aspect of the day-to-day activity. This way of working ensures that our clients always receive the best of our attention. Just as importantly, our supportive approach breeds quiet confidence in our lawyers – a reassuring sign that the right team’s in place.

Money matters

We actively explore different ways of supporting our clients’ endeavours and making life easier for them. As part of this, we have pioneered alternative and transparent fee structures to suit the individual circumstances of the client or transaction.

Our pricing

The bottom line

We challenge ourselves to provide the best possible service: to make sure we’ve covered all the ground, asked all the questions, presented our advice attractively, comprehensively and in the way our clients want it. When it is good and it looks good, our clients are happy with what we’ve achieved together

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