Our community

Relationships are crucial to everything we do, and we thrive because we’re fully aware that ours is a people business. We put that awareness to work in our relationships with clients, our own people, our industry peers, and the wider community.

Our people

Our single site is home to over 70 people. We are a tightly knit team, working together openly and collaboratively.

Being in a single office has great advantages: communication is rapid, sharing ideas is easy. At least part of the reason we’re so effective is because we all know and enjoy working with each other.

It could just be luck, but we have a remarkably low rate of turnover with our own people. We spend the majority of our waking hours in the office, and we take the view that those hours should be as enjoyable as possible. It may be a cliché to say we work hard and play hard, but we’re firm in the belief that our success derives from both!

Your career options

Our clients and peers

We know our habitat – the deal makers, the advisors, the consultants. We work hard to ensure our advice is always cutting-edge and future-proof. And we encourage the industry to stay in touch with us.

  • We get quickly and efficiently to the right outcome
  • We know that a strong and effective relationship is at the heart of everything
  • We’re astute guides and wise advisors
  • We’re human (an underrated trait)

Beyond the day job…

We’re proud to be a public-spirited firm with a strong commitment to helping local and national communities. We believe it’s essential for a growing business to promote and support good causes.

Charitable fundraising

Supporting local and national charities has always been at the heart of our programme.

We support regular opportunities to collect funds for local charities chosen by members of our staff. Many of our client gatherings involve fundraising for our selected charities. We have raised thousands of pounds for our sponsored charities including Sparks and Waves For Change.

Supporting learning and skills

We offer work experience and vacation roles for school pupils and college students considering a legal career. It’s a great opportunity to experience a busy commercial legal environment and learn more about the profession.

Inclusion and diversity

In our approach to managing people, we recognise the need to balance life and work and reflect the richness and diversity of our culture. We are signatories to the Law Society’s Equality and Diversity Charter. We’re also a member of PRIME, an organisation that encourages law firms to provide opportunities to students from less privileged backgrounds.

Law Society Diversity and Inclusion Charter Submission 2015

SRA Legal Diversity Survey Report

Business Community

We share our knowledge and experience by offering free seminars to professionals and managers in our business community. We maintain an active dialogue with trade organisations to stay alert to the ways people are thinking. We support and sponsor the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC).

We want to make a positive contribution to society. If you’re interested in being part of our programme or want to find out more, please contact us.

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