About our firm

Three partners and three lawyers founded BrookStreet des Roches in 1994. We have developed into a 21st century commercial law practice, with a national reputation for real estate and complementary disciplines to serve our clients.

A clear vision

We have always had three fundamental objectives for the practice:

  • To be a happy, motivated and supported team of professional individuals
  • To act for really great clients who get good advice and enjoy the experience of working with us
  • To develop our specialisations and become more and more successful, year on year.

Now, we have thirteen partners and over thirty lawyers, including one of the largest teams of real estate lawyers in the region. We’ve grown organically, retaining our focus, independence and entrepreneurial spirit without compromise. This is the approach we take with our client relationships too: clear goals and guidance to help them achieve their aims.

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BrookStreet des Roches